Eclipse of the hearts
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Years after Sora's time a new generation of keyblade wielders and enemies has arisen. New enemies to defeat and new friends to make, You journy begins here...
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 Gabe Kurosu's nobody

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PostSubject: Gabe Kurosu's nobody   Gabe Kurosu's nobody I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 04, 2009 7:39 pm

Age:Is unknown but appears to be a teenager.
Appearance:His physical appearance looks exactly like Karisu for some unknown reason.Although he wears an organization cloak,But he is not part of the organization.He has an ability to summon his own keyblade for some apparent reason,and seems to be more skilled at magic than just hacking and slashing.
Personality:He is clever and sort of more cunning than Karisu.He is hell bent on getting his heart back from him.Thinking that it would make him whole but as his own person.He is kind of kind of annoying since he complains when he is annoyed with something he doesn't like.Although he can be kind too at times but he wonders why since he doesn't really care about others[He feels obliged to at times]
History:He was ignorant at first he was made out of darkness on a side of a long winding road,having no purpose,and no answers.It stated raining and he tried to find some shelter.He found a castle but he was hesitant to enter it.An old man appeared beside him along with another helmeted guy,Introducing himself as Xehanort along with his apprentice whose name he did not get,and told him that if he wanted answers.This castle..."Castle oblivion" that is,can be used to help him find a purpose and some memories.But he had to lose something in return.He did..climbing the castle steps fighting what seemed to be "data" of the people that was once there..As he reached the top he remembers about Karisu,being a nobody.And Sought him out no matter where he would be.
He was on destiny Islands stalking Karisu but due to many instances he is teamed up with Him and another keyblader named Akuma.He agreed to help them in return of his heart.
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Gabe Kurosu's nobody
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