Eclipse of the hearts
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Years after Sora's time a new generation of keyblade wielders and enemies has arisen. New enemies to defeat and new friends to make, You journy begins here...
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 Just Your Average Day: Liam's Introduction.

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Just Your Average Day: Liam's Introduction. Empty
PostSubject: Just Your Average Day: Liam's Introduction.   Just Your Average Day: Liam's Introduction. I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 30, 2009 7:22 pm

The wooden floorboard quietly creaked underneath Liam's booted feet as he reached the last step. He was coming downstairs from the second floor landing, carrying bowls of assorted snacks from the pantry upstairs: The Hangout wasn't officially opened for another half hour, but he still had to finish setting up the lounge area.
The room itself was spacious and well-lit, with natural lighting that filtered in from the line of floor-to-ceiling windows occupying the front entrance wall. A small set of stone steps lead up from the street level entrance into the room itself: on the right side facing inward, there was a medium-sized cubbyhole for shoes to be taken off and kept; and on the left-hand wall was a coat rack, with a brown leather couch underneath. Most of the furniture set up around the lounge area were the same material, including the cushions of the dinette chairs. Those were still clustered in one corner, ready to be paired up to their respective tables.
Liam went over to each said table and placed the snack bowls in the middle of every one. When he was done with that, Liam started to drag out the dinette chairs and place two to a table (Anyone was free to move them around, so long as it wasn't blocking the front steps).

When he stepped back to observe the layout, he felt satisfied that there was enough space for guests to move around. Now that Liam thought about it, as he went to turn the "CLOSED" sign over to "OPEN", there were plenty of other places to hang out in Twilight Town besides his 'establishment'. But then again, where else can you get complimentary snacks, a quick place to crash after school or work before heading home, and a dry shelter to hang out in for those rare days when it rains?
Liam considered figuring out a new gig for that empty back room beside the staircase.
Maybe I could find a volunteer to cook meals or something, and turn The Hangout into a restaurant. That'd be pretty cool.
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Just Your Average Day: Liam's Introduction. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Just Your Average Day: Liam's Introduction.   Just Your Average Day: Liam's Introduction. I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 31, 2009 6:08 am

Very nice i liked that, perhapse you can use it again for a real rp huh :3
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Just Your Average Day: Liam's Introduction.
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