Years after Sora's time a new generation of keyblade wielders and enemies has arisen. New enemies to defeat and new friends to make, You journy begins here...
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 Organization Application And Information

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PostSubject: Organization Application And Information   Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:54 pm

Application Form
To apply to be a member of the Organization or an apprentice, please use the following requirements listed below.

For Organization Members;

Skills and Abilities:
Why you want to be in the Organization:

For Apprentices;

Skills and Abilites:
Why you want to be an apprentice:
Who do you want to be an apprentice to(if available):

Number Requirements:

You must have a certain experience to become each number in the Organization.
The first person to get that experience will become that Organization number.

I - N/A
II - 5,000 experience
III - 4,000 experience
IV - 3,000 experience
V - 2,500 experience
VI - 2,000 experience
VII - 1,500 experience
VIII - 1,200 experience
IX - 1,000 experience
X - 800 experience
XI - 600 experience
XII - 400 experience
XIII - 200 experience


If you want to be a higher number in the organization and someone is already there, you must be above their experience to challenge them for their ranking.
E.g. If Number 10 wanted to be number 8, they must have at least 1,201 experience or above to challenge them for their ranking.
You will then be set a challenge and the first person to complete that challenge wins (whether it's IC or OOC).
The challenges will be based on either the role-play, Kingdom Hearts knowledge or a random topic.
Remember, if there is a challenge, the first person to get the answer wins or keeps the ranking, so you'll have to keep a sharp eye out for when the question is put down.

If anyone has any questions please contact me via private message.
Thanks and have fun Smile.
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Organization Application And Information
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