Years after Sora's time a new generation of keyblade wielders and enemies has arisen. New enemies to defeat and new friends to make, You journy begins here...
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 Rules For Organisation XIII

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PostSubject: Rules For Organisation XIII   Fri Oct 30, 2009 4:04 pm


Before you all start rushing into the castle in The World That Never Was, you must have at least 200 experience points to enter an application to become an Organisation XIII member. Then your RP skills will be analysed by Exelfious to determine whether you will be 1 of the 13 Organisation members or an apprentice to an Organisation member. If you are an apprentice you will be training under an Organisation member. This will avoid confusion and too many members.
Remember there can only be 13 Organisation members at a time but if you are an apprentice or you want to join the Organisation and your experience is higher than the 13th member, you will be contacted by Exelfious to say that you have surpassed them and are now automatically the 13th member.

An application template form and all other requirements and information will be put up in The World That Never Was by Exelfious.
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Rules For Organisation XIII
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