Years after Sora's time a new generation of keyblade wielders and enemies has arisen. New enemies to defeat and new friends to make, You journy begins here...
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 Moo's Roleplay Description

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PostSubject: Moo's Roleplay Description   Fri Oct 30, 2009 3:59 pm

Name: N/A
Prefers to be called Moo
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human Part Fox
Class: Light Keyblade Wielder
Appearance: Moo Stands 6” and weighs approximately 140 pounds. Medium length brown hair and green tinted hazel eyes. Wears a black jacket made of synthetic leather like material and a white under shirt. He wears black trousers and black shoes.

Personality: Quiet and quite lazy, Moo tries to do everything the easiest way for him, and although his slow and easy going attitude may look convincing, it is only his outer shell. Courageous and head strong is the side of Moo that shows his pure determination to get things done. He can be very stubborn and his attitude sometimes gets him into bad situations but it drives him to keep pushing and never give up. Moo will never back down from a fight or a challenge, whether the opposition is big, small or near impossible.
History: Born on a small island, Moo was never really close to his family and hated his birth name. For each year longer he had to put up with his family, the less he was inclined to stay with them. His mother was very controlling and manipulative and his dad had no manners and was quite violent. At the age of 11 Moo ran away from his home, no longer wanting to be there anymore. As he wondered around an empty part of the island far away from where he used to live he noticed a large tee-pee, created with the skins of animals. He entered the tent to find a middle-aged man sleeping at the end of the tent. Cold and hungry, Moo sat down by a small lit fire in the middle of the tent and soon fell asleep. He woke up soon enough to see a man staring down at him. Worried, Moo was unsure whether to sit there and be noble or to run out of the tent fast until he realised that the man had sat down next to him and offered him some food. He had introduced himself as ‘Raynold’ but Moo shortened it to call him ‘Ray’. He found out that Ray used to be a strong warrior and that Ray stopped fighting to explore what he could of the world. He lived with Ray and called him his new found Uncle, learning survival skills and crafting from out of anything, hunting and cooking. One day, Moo asked to be trained like a warrior and as he grew, he learnt all the ways that Ray knew of the warrior traits. Moo was very curious as to why Ray never left his tent much yet he said he wanted to explore the world, so why wasn’t he doing it? Moo felt sorry for Ray. After everything Ray had done for him, Moo couldn’t re-pay him back. At the age of 15, days had passed and Moo was still wondering how to re-pay Ray back. Sat outside the tent one day and noticed something hiding through the trees surrounding him. He grabbed his spear from the side of the tent and crept after it, hoping to catch whatever it was. As he got close to it, he ran out and as he leapt his spear out in front of it, he stopped as it turned around. Bright yellow eyes ran deep throughout a black body. It was small like a rabbit. Moo didn’t understand. What was this creature? He had never seen something like it before. The creature came closer and suddenly disappeared. Moo looked around quickly, wondering what was going on. He waited a couple of minutes, putting his spear to his side, before many of the creatures surrounded him and trapping him in with no where to go. Moo then heard a large crack and he looked underneath his feet where the source of the noise was coming from to see a large crack with a black-like aura around it. Not knowing what to do, Moo stumbled through the beings and ran further into the tree trying to get away. After painful limbs slowly starting to give way, he tripped over a tree root and laid there, not bothering to get back up due to the pain he suffered in his limbs. Soon enough another crack engaged underneath his body and too tired to move, Moo laid there out of breath and weary and fell asleep down to lack of energy. After a long sleep Moo woke up and looked around to see nothing but trees. He rubbed his head and cautiously got up, looking around. He took a few breaths and with a huge amount of effort he walked through the trees and into the open. He came out to what looked like a town centre; He’d never seen this place before. The place was illuminated with bright colourful walls and beautiful decorations throughout the opening. Even the flyers on the walls were colourful. Wondering around the town, he found another place leading towards a small enclosed part of the town with few shops in it. Unfamiliar faces roamed about the place and Moo felt unfamiliar with the people that were around him. He asked one of the people that just past him by where he was and the woman replied “Boy, you’re in Twilight Town!”. Now grown to a seventeen year old adolescent Moo lives among the people of twilight town, Most of the people have warmly accepted him into the quiet town where as a small minority still try and shut him out. Evan though Moo has settled into his new surroundings he still searches for a way to reunite with Ray and repay him for his deeds.

Situation: Moo now sleeps and lives in a small rundown room in one of the houses of twilight town; he makes his living by helping out the people.
Link to role play sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Moo's Roleplay Description   Fri Oct 30, 2009 4:05 pm

approved moo man
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Moo's Roleplay Description
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