Years after Sora's time a new generation of keyblade wielders and enemies has arisen. New enemies to defeat and new friends to make, You journy begins here...
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 Where am I?

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PostSubject: Where am I?   Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:53 pm

He woke up on a small island early morning,still in his uniform and a little soaked from the sea water as he lay on near the shore.He get's up slowly and gazes out into the ocean.Then surveys his surroundings...A small island filled with palm trees and some wooden structures.It was beautiful and all but he didn't have a clue where he was..

He says to himself..
"Where the hell am I?!?"

Frustrated and still very confused at his situation he walks to the dock of the island and hoped there would be some way to get off the island.

He thinks for a bit..

"If there's boat I could probably use it to get off this deserted island..."

As he got there he saw nothing but an empty boardwalk,not even any small rafts attached to it..he stops to think for a second..

"Maybe there's someone on the island"

He made his way off the dock and walks normally around the island searching for any sign of people nearby.

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PostSubject: Someone's there..?   Thu Oct 29, 2009 7:22 am

He walks for a while just looking from afar if he sees anyone..
He glances left and right and out of the corner of his eye he spots someone On a small piece of land connected by a small bridge...
He starts running towards him running up the wooden walkway as he shouts..
As he nears the person in a long black-cloak his face turned away from him as he leaned on a palm tree,he slows down to catch his breath..
Gasping for air and clearly exhausted he asks the stranger..
"Excuse me but...could you uh tell me where I am?And do you know a way to get off this island"
The person doesn't speak..
"Hey!!Something wrong with you or something?!?"
Still he remains silent..
By now Karisu is quite annoyed by this strange person and approaches to see him face to face.
Before he could take a step,the person finally speaks..
"How do you like the scenery Karisu..?It's beautiful isn't it..?"
Karisu is startled and asks quite bluntly
"How do you know my-.."
Before he could finish he was interrupted by this person.
"There's a passageway to a cave next to a waterfall..head there.."
Karisu replies
He said as he turned around to spot a waterfall...
He turns back at him slowly saying..
"Hey thanks...who are you any-..."
But he wasn't there..
Karisu looks around and finds himself alone on that tiny piece of land noticing how beautiful the sunrise looked...As he gazed into the distance..
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Age : 24
Location : Philippines

PostSubject: Into the cave..   Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:54 pm

He jumped off from the place he was landing safely to the warm sand below,He ran towards the waterfall and noticed there was an entrance to a cave behind some foliage that was grown around it...
"Hmm...That guy was right..."
He then turned and glanced at the small waterfall beside him...He cupped his hands together to get a sip from the flowing water,He then crouched down and took some in his hand and splashed his face with it,for it had been getting a little hot over there,and dried himself with his shirt...
He took a final glance at the island and somehow it seemed very familiar to him but for some reason he doesn't know why..He made his way through the small plants that had grown around it and took a few steps inside..
The cave has kinda dark and moist,he noticed the walls covered with many drawings that seem to tell a story,and strangely a door in the end of the said cave...He looked at the scribbles and doodles paved on the walls for a bit,He then sighed and headed towards the door,HE took a grip at the knob and tried yo open it,It wouldn't budge!!!Could have been locked..?He gave a frustrated yell and kicked the stubborn old door.
He turned and said
"Maybe he forgot to give me a key to this door..?"
He then comes to his senses..
"A key..?Maybe it could wor-..."
Suddenly his keyblade appeared and pointed at the door by itself,Karisu with a grip on it held it tightly in his hand..
A small light appeared from it's tip and emitted a brilliant white light at this door...the door then shone for a minute and opened to reveal a blinding light behind it,He shielded himself from it,The light overtakes the whole room...for a minute he felt as if the floor was gone and as he felt it again..he knew he was not on the island anymore...
(OOC:To Hollow Bastion!!!!xD)
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PostSubject: Re: Where am I?   

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Where am I?
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