Years after Sora's time a new generation of keyblade wielders and enemies has arisen. New enemies to defeat and new friends to make, You journy begins here...
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 Alone in the world that never was..

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PostSubject: Alone in the world that never was..   Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:06 am

Karisu stands in an empty city in organization cloak,his eyes closed as if waiting for something,Heartless emerge from the ground and circle him,His eyes open exposing his silver-gray eyes focus on everything around him,He raises his arms and a he brings them down the oathkeeper and oblivion keyblades appear,Heartless all around attempt to overwhelm him,He Turns around striking a heartless at his back,Junps up at the ones above easily slicing through them,He spins around thrweing his keyblades at the ground while mid-air his blades clash at impact emitting an arc of light that moved paralell to all sides,banishing the heartless,as he landed to the ground his keyblades disappear once more,and stands there alone placing his hands over his eyes and awaits his next challenge.
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Alone in the world that never was..
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