Years after Sora's time a new generation of keyblade wielders and enemies has arisen. New enemies to defeat and new friends to make, You journy begins here...
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 Karisu Shohanichi

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PostSubject: Karisu Shohanichi   Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:32 am

Name: Karisu Shohanichi
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Light or Dark Keyblade wielder it's up to him.
Appearance: He is 5'8,fair colored and normally has blackish brown eyes...His hair is blue with red refined edges,He usually wears his school uniform or whatever he feels like wearing..He looks like an ordinary adolescent teen.
Personality: Quite friendly at times can be competitive and combative to show his opinion and to prove his point,loyal to his friends and stands up for them,somewhat mischievous when he feels playful.Has a strong sense of justice,doesn't get offended easily but that's no reason to tick him off,dislikes people that are obnoxious and rude for no reason,Kinda sociable at times but moody as well..Has a creative mind and limitless imagination.
History: He was just once an ordinary human student who was sick of the limitations of regular life and wanted more from what it gave to him..a great determination for something new...Then he started dreaming some dreams that is relevant to what happened that day...He dreamed about the upcoming test and in his dream he failed it.The following day he studied like crazy but for some unknown reason his mind went blank and forgot all that he studied for..and failed...disappointed and confused he shakes it off and gets home early to take a nap cause he had a long day...Dreams about being given a chance to take the test again and passes...The following day his teacher acted quite strange and told him to take the test again...irritated he asked why he had to do this since he forgot all about what he studied for...the teacher ignores it and he takes a seat and suddenly he remembers everything and gets a perfect score...later that day..He spaces out during math and plays with his pencil in his hand...starts imagining it was a keyblade and plays around with it he loved to hear the stories of the keyblade wielders and their battles and got addicted to it...his vision gets all out of focus and his pencil changes some how into a kingdom key...Shocked he gave a startled yell,annoying the teacher,teacher starts to approach ...He panics and thought it was just a hallucination shaking his he looked again it disappeared...the teacher sends him home early since she thought he looked terrible all sweating and quite paranoid as he tried to explain...He goes to bed thinking it;s nothing but stress issue...He dreams of drifting into a dark realm just falling..he comes to his senses and he lands on a stain glass designed floor resembling something familiar to him,he couldn't tell he wonders where he is...He tries pinching himself put he felt the pain as he did so...he turns around and sees the darkside appear beside him gasping up at the creature...It nears him to attack,his eyes turn silverish gray as a the kingdom key appears in his hand...he aims at the heartless and shoots a beam of light at it,it stumbles back and fades into oblivion...he collapses....He wakes up on an island unsure of whats to come...keyblade in hand eyes still strangely mis-colored...and wonders how he got the keyblade and how he learned how to use it..
(Long history huh?)
Situation: Currently on Destiny islands pondering what to do next...

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Karisu Shohanichi
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